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VERNON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, a subsidiary of Vernon Development Group, was established in 1994 as a full service general contractor, construction manager, and design build firm. We provide complete services in all phases of all types of projects ranging in size from 5,000 sq/ft to 1,000,000 sq/ft.

We have extensive experience in delivering quality facilities in a wide variety of markets such as:


  • Multi Story
  • Single Story
  • Flex Space


  • Distribution
  • Food Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Heat Treating


  • Small Retail Centers
  • Big Box and Retail Development
  • Restaurants


  • Not for Profit
  • Religious
  • Governmental
  • Educational

Our firm has established itself as a leader in the field of construction by consistently delivering a quality project that meets the needs of the client on time and on budget

We provide services in all three types of construction supervision:


Vernon Construction is highly skilled in implementing the design/build delivery method of construction. Our comprehensive package of construction services reflects the quality results the client requires. Vernon Construction will provide the client with the significant cost and time-line of the project as well as being a single source point of accountability and communication to the owner. A team of architects, engineers and subcontractors, along with the owner, are brought together to estimate, budget and provide a guaranteed schedule and costs to the owner. This single source responsibility allows the client to focus on its business while Vernon Construction expedites the project schedule and maximizes the investment of the client.

Pre Construction Services

As your design builder, our staff working with the project architect will coordinate all aspects of pre-construction to include the partial list which follows. Please keep in mind that the scope of our work is not limited to this list, rather it is a guide.

  • Outline all phases of construction sequencing
  • Prepare contractor request for bids with detailed specification documentation to ensure completeness and accuracy of all bid work
  • Prepare cost estimates at various stages of pre-construction planning
  • Coordinate with village officials for all permit documents
  • Communicate with potential contractors on design specification concerning potential cost saving of various construction alternatives
  • Provide cost data on alternative construction details
  • Review civil engineering documents for evaluation of possible storm, sewer or other site utility issues
  • Coordinate with local officials during the design phase to ensure that no costly electric, mechanical, plumbing, fire safety, etc. issues are overlooked
  • Review all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural shop drawings for conflicts or omissions
  • Review all construction documents
  • Develop and/or review all construction specifications as appropriate
  • Be readily available to meet with the owner and/or construction committee as necessary
  • Concurrent phasing, overlapping the design, engineering and construction processes along with early order placement of long lead-time components accelerates completion

Construction Services


Our Project Manager/Site Superintendent, will coordinate all aspects of construction bidding to include the following:

  • Complete a detailed analysis of all aspects of construction bidding outlining all necessary contractors and the responsibilities of each
  • Submit for bid a detailed specification of all work to be completed as appropriate to each of the respective contractors
  • Assemble all bids and review for completion and request correction of incomplete or inaccurate bids
  • Analyze and tabulate all submitted bids and make recommendations for bid acceptance
  • Review all bids for areas that may require unit pricing on additional work such as excavation and site work to ensure that there are no unexpected cost overruns

Construction Services

Our Project Manager/Site Superintendent, will coordinate all aspects of construction including but not limited to:

  • Coordinate and sequence the efforts of all contractors
  • Coordinate with outside testing laboratories to ensure the stability of all soil prior to the pouring of spread footings, test for compaction and moisture content as appropriate
  • Be on-site during the pouring of concrete footings and foundations to ensure that the concrete meets specifications for timely delivery to the site, conduct slump test, fill and mark test cylinders for later compression testing
  • Confirm with the project survey team that all footings are placed precisely and that the column piers and base plates for structural steel are positioned exactly prior to the arrival of steel on site
  • Coordinate for the examination of all structural steel welds and provide appropriate documentation and all other outside testing to the designer and engineer, owner, and local building inspector
  • Monitor the construction schedule and process any and all change orders, verify that all contractors are working in compliance with all local, state, and federal safety regulations
  • Maintain all documents and records as appropriate for OSHA review
  • Coordinate for the timely inspection of all work by village officials
  • Assemble and approve for payment all requests for contractor compensation
  • Assure that all work remains on time and within the appropriate budget
  • Conduct team meetings as appropriate to coordinate the efforts of all members
  • Coordinate for the installation of all equipment and furnishing
  • Prepare punch lists for each contractor and assure compliance prior to occupancy
  • Test all installations and assemble all guarantees to be delivered to the owner's representative
  • Assist the owner in training members of the staff on all the new systems associated with the project


As project manager, Vernon Construction will act as the owner's team leader managing all aspects of construction. Using this type of construction supervision, the owner provides the project design and construction drawings to the manager and for a negotiated fee, the manager will help the owner pick the best sub contractors and will act as the owners field representative for the coordination of trades and timelines. Very often this type of construction supervision is the least expensive to the owner but does not guarantee a final price as ultimate selection and payment of the contractor's rests with the owners. All guarantees from the sub contractors are made directly to the owner. The project manager will continually monitor the construction process and make recommendations to prevent potential delays and cost overruns to the owner.


Vernon Construction is a leader in providing general construction services for office, industrial, retail and institutional. We provide unparallel service and value to each project evidenced by the strong track record in performing construction services for projects within budget and schedules that have been identified. Vernon Development has gathered extensive cost data for purchasing subcontracted trades to provide real, not estimated, costs to its bid submittals. A team approach with each general construction project will result in a well orchestrated construction process that ensures quality, safety and client satisfaction. Whatever your requirements, we have the staff and experience to provide service that is superior in the industry.

Whatever your project and however you prefer to have it managed, Vernon Construction is the right choice for Quality, Value, and on time Service.

Outside Services

We typically use outside testing and/or consulting firms on some or all of the following items:
  • Soil borings
  • Soil test to include:
    • Load stability> 3000 square feet
    • Percent compaction
    • Moisture content
  • Concrete examination and testing
  • Examination of structural welds and bolted connections
  • Surveys of critical footing and bearing plate locations
  • Examination of mortar mixes for proper mix type ratios and hydration
  • Examination of bricks for appropriate weatherability and moisture content, and adherence to design specification

Outside Testing Firms:



Bonding Company:
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